WordUnited has just launched 20 new Write & Wipe language learning kits in English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. These titles provide opportunities to learn reading and writing the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colours and actions (verbs). The clear flashcards employ a step by step system to help learners write time after time. Our products support literacy and numeracy for children who are native speakers, and are ideal for both children and adults learning a new language.

The high quality Write & Wipe sets include the following:

29 large double-sided wipe-clean flashcards
2 wipe-clean pens: 1 red and 1 blue
Detachable erasers
Multilingual support in 11 languages: instructions booklet, removable sound/translation stickers, and online support
Smiley stickers, perfect for rewarding young learners
All in a durable box with a magnetic lid

Every single title comes complete with multilingual support in 11 languages. The flashcards are uniquely customisable so that learners have the option to attach removable sound and translation stickers on the cards in their mother tongue.

WordUnited products are currently distributed in the UK, Europe, and across the Middle East at numerous outlets including WH Smith, Borders, Virgin Megastore, Kinokuniya, Amazon and www.wordunited.com.