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Actions in Arabic – Write & Wipe Flashcards

Actions in Arabic – Write & Wipe Flashcards with Multilingual Support
ISBN: 978-1-911333-03-6



Product Description


29 large double-sided wipe-clean flash cards.
2 wipe clean pens: 1 red and 1 blue, with detachable erasers.
Multilingual support includes: a) instructions and b) removable sound and translation stickers in all supported languages.
Fun smiley stickers (removable), perfect for rewarding young learners.
All the above is organised in a durable box with a magnetic lid.



Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Dimensions: 22.8 x 15.5 x 3.5cm
Weight: 0.9Kg

Additional Information

Weight 0.9 kg


  1. :

    What a fantastic set! Each card contains a picture of a girl or a boy doing an action and the verb at the back. Also the very is written so that children can practice writing it and erasing it on the cards. I especially like how the first letter of the verb is colour-coded to reflect the gender (Arabic verbs start with “ta” for girls and “ya” for boys).

  2. :

    This set seems to be designed for children, but it was fun to use to learn so many essential Arabic verbs. I liked seeing the action on one side, then flipping the card to see the word for it on the other side. The pens and erasers provided and great to write and wipe to practice writing the words. The cards are thick and glossy, like whiteboards. 10/10!

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