A Hyphen or a Dash?

The Differences between Hyphens and Dashes in the English Language At first glance, hyphens and dashes may seem like they […] More

A Quick Guide to German Fricatives

  One of the early concepts you will run into when learning German is the fricative. It sounds like a […] More

10 Fun and Easy Ways to Help Your Child Learn the Alphabet!

You can easily help you child recognise, read and write the alphabet. You will not be stuck for ideas once you […] More

WordUnited is an “English Talks” partner

“English Talks” is a series of talks by people from around the world who speak English as an additional language […] More

Fun Literacy, Numeracy and Language Learning Kits

WordUnited, an independent UK publisher, has developed a kit for early learning of multiple foreign languages, regardless of the native […] More

Delivering Language Diversity

Innovative language kits for young learners, supported in a diverse range of languages, have been developed by Staffordshire based WordUnited. […] More


WordUnited has just launched 20 new Write & Wipe language learning kits in English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic. These […] More

WordUnited is in the UAE!

WordUnited is delighted to announce to its customers in the Middle East that its products are now available in the […] More

A mini introduction of Arabic “tashkeel” (or the strokes around the letters)!

Ever wondered what the accents on Arabic words mean? If you haven’t already done so, the best way to learn […] More

Letter to letter: A mini guide on how to write Arabic words!

Intrigued by the joined Arabic script? Here is practical guide on how to learn Arabic fast and start writing words! […] More
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